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We Can't Guarantee

Some Things...

Don't end up on the wall of TV shame...

With a right way and a wrong way to do everything.


TVs and electrical are certainly no exception. 


Having your TV or electrical fittings installed correctly by a professional

ensures a safe environment at home.


Using a combination of

knowledge, technique and correct mounting hardware

our professional installers make sure your TV & electrical are installed

100% correct, the first time.

You can rest easy knowing your investment is safely installed

...the way it should be! That way you,


Have your TV installed for years to come without any worry with our

'Well Hung' Guarantee!

- Workmanship

- Electrical

- Mounts

- Leads

We will replace any faulty item installed under warranty conditions without cost

Guarantee covers work & materials in the condition they are in when tradesmen leave site. 

Physical damage or misuse are excluded from cover.

Invoice must be provided.

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